We love our gerbils but we ultimately want to find them safe and loving homes. Please check out our gerbils to see if you can find a furry friend. Gerbils are social animals and must be purchased in groups of at least two. If you are planning on using our gerbils as a partner for your existing gerbil, please contact us separately and we will give you any information you might need. To start the application process, we request a quick virtual meeting to discuss care requirements and make sure that the gerbils are a good fit for your household. Thank you for your interest in Ohana Gerbils! 

If you purchase gerbils from us, we will give your their birth certificate and ask you to fill out our adoption application. 


$25 for an individual gerbil (if you are looking to breed or you're purchasing a partner for another gerbil)

$45 for a pair of gerbils - male or female 

$55 for three gerbils - male or female 
$65 for four gerbils - male or female 

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