Getting Started

Hi Gerbil Lovers! Looking to adopt some new gerbils? Here is a list of all the materials that you will need to become the best gerbil parent!

* Soft bedding (we use Kaytee Clean & Cozy White)

*A medium sized bag of food (we use Kaytee’s Hamster & Gerbil Gourmet Variety Diet)

* 1 hanging water bottle and 1-2 spares

* A water bottle holder

* A wheel with a solid floor (we use the Silent Spinner Wheel)

* A clean rock for them to file their nails on (optional)

* A food dish that’s not plastic or wood

*TONS of boxes and toys! Paper plates and non-refrigerated food boxes are great for them to chew on

* A cage with plenty of room and a solid floor (bars are not recommend for permanently housing gerbils, as they can lead to unpleasant and painful health problems. If you do use bars, then you have to make sure that the bars aren’t spread far enough apart that a gerbil could slip through them.)

* Treats! Gerbils love fresh fruits and vegetables and unsalted pumpkin and sunflower seeds

* And of course, human attention! Playing with your gerbils is a key part in becoming the perfect gerbil owner. Gerbil’s thrive on human interaction and love being taking out of their cages and being handled!

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